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RF Capital specializes in well-defined exit strategies providing investors peace of mind by delivering a thoroughly researched investment target prior to entering a fund. In order to deliver on this, RF Capital looks for proven technologies that are already providing real world solutions in the digital asset space. In addition, we look for opportunities on an upward trajectory that support the underlying infrastructure of the entire ecosystem. This approach limits downside risk while simultaneously providing massive upside potential to our investors.

 Our current offerings focus on the DeFi sector and presents an opportunity for early entry into one of the newest areas in the digital asset space. Based on our extensive research and comprehensive strategies, we’ve identified leading innovators in the space which will reward early adopters who capitalize on this opportunity.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to build value in our investments, partnerships, and community. While we do focus on maximizing returns, we also have an understanding that creating true wealth comes from investing in technologies, infrastructure, and relationships that will shape future generations.

Our Vision

Our vision is that by investing in the future, we will build the essential foundations to promote a better future for all.

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Our Values

Our core values are loyalty, family, and transparency.


Aaron Rafferty

Partner, CEO

Founder of Cryptocurrency Thinktank (CSFET) with comprehensive experience trading bull and bear cycles achieving consistently strong 

returns year over year. Utilizing a proprietary strategy developed after years in the DeFi space using technical and fundamental indicators to capitalize on areas of growth and expansion. Master’s of Science with an emphasis on behavioral and quantitative research from Arizona State University.
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Martin Simms

Partner, CIO

Strategic-thinking financial leader with 11 years of diverse corporate experience. Deep knowledge of and application within the crypto space with 

experience managing traditional treasury instruments (derivatives and fixed income) of large corporate accounts ($30B AUM). Serial entrepreneur owning and operating multiple successful startups over the last 10 years. Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Finance, Real Estate and Law from California State Polytechnic Pomona.
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Jordan Hood

VP of Strategic Partnerships

As an entrepreneur at heart Jordan has lead the charge for multiple businesses in his career, has managed $20M+ for Staff Pro (which was recently

acquired by AUS) and is also the founder of Papa Hood Inc., a management consulting company positioned at the intersection of startup culture, strategic planning, events and real estate. Equipped with over a decade of experience leading client relations, events, strategic partnerships, business development and operations. His determination to execute goals, positive mindset, and adaptable characteristics, Jordan has the strength and experience to ensure the success of any project at hand. Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from California State University, Fullerton.

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Wade Gometz

VP of Marketing

Served as Chief Global Strategist for Seer Stone Management Limited, a hedge fund investment manager. Chief Strategic Trading Advisor for JCE

Capital Management, L.P., a crypto-focused hedge fund. While at JCE Wade spearheaded a monthly subscription product for crypto signals and brought it to market with a successful exit of $100M+. Wade’s latest project is MoneyBallerz, a sports betting picks company that uses historical data, quantitative analysis, and machine learning to inform sports bettors how to bet. He used his unique marketing abilities and strategic partnerships, to lead a team of coders, mathematicians, gamblers, and marketers to be one of the top performing sports handicappers in the world. 
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David Sayed

Managing Partner

David Sayed is serial entrepreneur with expertise and specialty in organizational structure and business
development. He is founder and CEO of IPS Security and has been expanding the business across the US rapidly over the past few years. David has employed over 10,000 people in just under 5 years and proves to be a strong partner for RF Capital’s expansion in the blockchain space. 
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Jared Gabaldon


Jared Gabaldon is an ambitious innovator with an entrepreneurial mindset that leads teams to exceed their
expected capabilities. Past and current ventures in vintage fashion curation and live event production/marketing produced a unique perspective for subsequent endeavours. Years of experience in researching the Crypto space fundamentally and technically that has resulted in a competitive advantage over the pack. Early entrant into strong fundamental projects like Terra Luna, Olympus DAO, Chainlink, Uniswap, and others. Creates sound strategies for investment leading to incredible returns over time. Has a keen eye for discovering early trends and capitalizing on them.
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Gabriel Alconcel


Gabriel Alconcel is a Creative Brand Developer residing and working from Los Angeles, CA. The scope of his work and
continued study focuses on branding, identity systems, digital marketing, and graphic design. As a consultant and specialist he has worked with both emerging start-ups and established businesses to build and deploy market-focused tactics that directly connect brand purpose with user & subculture values. Gabriel previously worked with multiple international jiu-jitsu uniform & lifestyle apparel companies playing leadership roles in photoshoots, product launches, community outreach, and growth marketing. In his last role Gabriel helped to build marketing for collaborative partnership launches with adidas JiuJitsu, HolyFancy, and NewEra. Besides practicing jiu-jitsu for over a decade and martial-arts for over twenty-five years, Gabriel is a perpetual student of the game applying fundamental learning to blockchain technology, entrepreneurship, art, music, and empathetic design. The big picture goal of his is to contribute and pass value back for the communities and people that helped build him.
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Jesus Castellanos

Business Development

Jesus Castellanos is a business operations manager with over 9 years of distinguished administrative experience.
Known for being progressive with a drive for success, he has demonstrated a natural skill for industry solutions, as well as for creating ingenious talent and product acquisition programs. By utilizing effective communication and negotiation skills, business acumen, systems analysis, and strategic resource management, Jesus delivers and ensures profitable results and quality administration.
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Lawrence C. Newhook, CFA

Lawrence Newhook is a veteran investment professional with a 20+ year track record investing globally across all asset classes. He has built successful investment and

hedge fund portfolios for the pension, family office, and high net worth investor communities, with a particular focus on identifying and extracting sources of alpha from both public and private markets. Lawrence serves as the President & Chief Investment Officer of Alpha Innovations, where he oversees all facets of the business, including product innovation, alpha identification, and risk management. Mr. Newhook graduated with a M.Sc. degree in financial economics from the University of London and is a CFA Charterholder.
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Nicole L. Biernat

Nicole Biernat has over 20 years of experience in the alternative asset management field. For
15 years she was Managing Partner of a firm

focused on providing strategic advisory and capital raising services to alternative investment firms. Prior to this, she was Managing Director, Head of Business Development for a multi-strategy fund of funds where she was responsible for aiding in the strategic development of the Firm and also oversaw Sales and Investor Relations. Ms. Biernat was previously a Director of the Alternative Investments Group at a boutique investment bank, where she spearheaded the creation of risk analytic and fund administration solutions for investment firms and raised capital for hedge funds. Prior to this, Ms. Biernat was Executive Director of a fund administration company, and was part of the sales team which
positioned the firm for its acquisition by a bank. Before joining there, Ms. Biernat managed relationships with several of the industry’s top hedge fund firms for Goldman Sachs & Co.
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Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim, PhD

Co-founder of Keynum Investments, an automated quant trading firm, Hans-Jörg is professor of
finance at the IPAG (Paris). He has developed a risk

management application for assessing and reducing risk in mutual funds and alternative investment funds. HansJörg is Department Editor for Finance in the Journal of Forecasting, and he has been leading the organization of the Forecasting Financial Markets conference for the past 10 years. He is also an Associate Member at the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance (University of Oxford).
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